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9 Most Common Cake Baking Mistakes That People Make


Cakes are delicious treats from heaven but as delectable they are, as sensitive are their recipes. Even a single ingredient goes from here to there and your chocolate cake might end up tasting like vanilla. As long as you make no mistakes and stick to the recipe, it will turn out one of the most scrumptious cake ever. You may experiments with recipe and create something new but make sure no main ingredient is taken out of proportions.

Cake baking is quite an easy process but if a few of below mentioned mistakes are avoided, it becomes easier than thought before. Let’s see how to bake better cakes by avoiding some common mistakes:

  1. You Don’t Oil The Pan

Whatever grease you are using, always remember to grease the pan with oil, butter or whatever your recipe says. Also, flour the pan after greasing. Both these steps will not allow the cake to stick to the pan. It will fall out easily from the pan to the serving dish.

  1. Avoiding Sifting Of The Flour

Many people think of it as a time waste but it is an important step to follow. It removes all the clumps and incorporate the leaving agent to make the cake rise accurately. No one likes a lumpy cake.

  1. Over Mixing The Batter

Over mixing a batter is a very easy mistake to make. It leads to the mixing of air which can result in a fallen cake. Once butter and sugar are beaten, continue the mixing with light gentle hand.

  1. Not Smoothing Out The Top

Once you have poured the batter in the pan, smooth it out. It will remove large air cavities and will make sure that the top of the cake is evenly baked.

  1. Opening The Oven Door While Baking

Opening the door while baking the cake can cause heat fluctuations which could result in collapsed cake. So, no matter how tempting it is to check on this delicious delicacy while preparing, restrain yourself from opening the oven at all cost.

  1. Overcrowding of Pan

Bake it in batches. Do not bake all layer at once to minimise the work. If it is a multi layered cake, bake one layer at at time, maximum two. Overcrowding the pan will lead poor air circulation and temperature will be effected.

  1. Not Using The Right Size Of Pan

Please, do not use a 7 inch or 9 inch pan to bake an 8 inch cake. Right size will result in right level of cake, not being humpy or too flat a cake.

  1. Removing The Cake From The Oven Too Early

Before taking the cake out of the oven, check whether it is done or not. Use a toothpick to do the job. Prick it on the cake and insert it to the middle. If it comes out clean, your cake is done.

  1. To Cut The Cake Before Its Cool

Yes, it is hard to resist but once the cake is out of the oven, let it cool a little bit in the pan. This gives a chance to the cake to be fully baked from inside and get to room temperature. Once the top is little bit firm,  frost it, cut it and savour it.

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