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How to Use the Feynman Technique to Learn Faster?


“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” This quote is often attributed to Albert Einstien. Whether or not Einstein said it himself, it is still an insightful observation. By trying to teach a concept in simple terms, you’ll recognise the areas where you have a good understanding of that concept and spontaneously identify the problem areas because they’ll be the areas where you either get stuck or end up using complex terminologies.

The Feynman technique is a mental model invented by the physicist Richard Feynman. He was admired for his expertise in clearly demonstrating dense topics such as quantum physics and the photoelectric effect to others in intuitive and simple ways. The technique is used to learn or review a concept quickly by explaining it in simple and plain language. Here, in the article, we will be discussing how to put this technique into action.

How To Do It?

As the root of the technique is to explain the concepts, it could be executed in a number of ways including taking help from a friend and teaching them the concepts that you are learning. But, you don’t always find a willing friend at hand, do you? So here is a simpler method that requires just a sheet of paper.

  • Pick a Topic

Pick a topic and note down everything that you know about it on a sheet of paper. Every time you learn something new about that topic, make sure to document it in that sheet.

  • Pretend To Teach The Topic To A Classroom

Make sure you are capable of explaining the topic in simple and lucid terms.

  • Refer The Books When You Get Stuck

Revisit the problematic areas where you get stuck until you can demonstrate the topic comprehensively.

  • Simplify and Use Analogies

Repeat the process and simplify your language and connect facts with analogies to help strengthen your understanding.

The Feynman Technique is a great technique for comprehending a new idea, an existing idea better, studying for a test or for remembering an idea. While you’re working through the technique for any given concept, it is useful to pretend that you’re teaching that concept to a child.

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