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Know How to Print Protected PDF Documents in an Easy Ways


Unable to print secured PDF file? Having a PDF locked from an open password, do not know how to print protected PDF documents? Does Print option is disabled in PDF file?  If you are also facing such type query, then be happy as you are in right place. Here, you will get to know how to deal with all such queries.

PDF is one of the finest format famous among users to store important data. It has become standard format to store and exchange information like any type of report, legal documents, some important data of an organization. The usage of PDF files in our lives is increasing on regular basis. So to store and share any crucial data, PDF format is the first choice that strikes in user’s mind. Thus, to keep their data safe and secure, users want to protect their PDF file. They have started applying password security or any particular restrictions also on PDF file. This is the reasons, users frequently ask questions like how to print password PDF file. Keeping such type of requirements of users in mind, we have covered multiple ways based on the scenarios to deal with the issue of printing secured PDF documents.

Quick Solution: In order to take the print out of protected PDF document you can try SysTools PDF Unlocker Software. The software can easily unlock restricted PDF documents & enable print permissions as well as other permissions in PDF files.

Want to Know How to Print Secured PDF File- Here You Go!

It all depends on the type of PDF file, which methods will suit to print protected PDF documents. Thus, in this section of the post, all possible scenarios with respective solutions are discussed. This will also help in choosing the right method to print locked PDF file.

Scenario #1: Protected By Open Password But Not Restricted

A user is having a PDF file, which is protected or secured by user-level password but does not contain any restriction. In such type of situation, there can be two possibilities i.e., a user either know the open password or don’t. Now, if a user knows the open password of PDF file and it is not restricted from the print operation, then he or she can use Google Chrome to print it.

Solution 1: For Printing Secured PDF Documents via Google Chrome

With the help of Google Chrome, a user can unlock PDF file from the open password. After that, there is no need to enter the password again whenever there is a requirement to print it. Now, to do the same, follow these steps described below:

  1. First of all, drag and drop your secured PDF file to Google Chrome
  2. After that, click on the Print option from the top-right corner
  • 3. From the left pane, click on the Change button in the Destination section
  • 4.Now, you need to choose Save as PDF option
  • 5. Then, click on the Save button to continue

6. Choose any desired destination location to save the unlocked PDF file

7. Click on the Open button and your process is completed

After that, you can go to the destination location and open it to make sure, it does not prompt for the password again. Moreover, you can easily print protected PDF documents also by either pressing Ctrl + P key or via opening it in Google Chrome and clicking on the Print option.

Scenario #2: PDF is Secured By Open Password Along With Restrictions

A user contains PDF file that is either secured or not from open password but print-restricted for sure. In this case, Google Chrome method is not supported because when you open the restricted PDF file in Chrome, the Print option will be disabled. To deal with this kind of scenario, you need to look for some alternative solution like Adobe Acrobat or some third-party application.

Solution #1: How to Print Protected PDF Documents via Adobe Acrobat

Now, to remove PDF printing restriction, a user can take help of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC also. It is the most professional way of doing so. But, it has some flaws also like it is a paid application (easily not affordable). In addition, it requires permission password once to remove print restriction from PDF file. Now, to unlock print option in PDF file via Adobe Acrobat, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Adobe Acrobat Pro DC application on the local machine
  2. Click on File >> Properties option
  • 3. Now, you need to move to the Security tab
  • 4. After that, click on the Change Settings button in the Security Method list
  • 5. Here, you need to type the Permissions password in the Enter password box. Click on the OK button
  • 6. Then, in the Password Security- Settings dialog box, you can modify or turn off the security settings for the document
  • You can disable Restrict editing and printing of the document in order to remove all security from the document.

Note: A password is required to change these permission settings. However, to overcome the flaws of Adobe Acrobat method, move to the next solution.

Solution #2: PDF Unlocker to Print Secured PDF File

As discussed above, if a user does not know the permission password, the Adobe Acrobat will not be helpful to print protected PDF document. To overcome this problem, a user can take help of a third-party tool. SysTools PDF Unlocker is one such application that let users to remove PDF printing restriction without permission password. It is the finest approach to remove several types of restrictions from PDF file like Edit, Copy, Extract, Print, etc. It is capable to unlock secured PDF file from Owner-level password security. It let users remove user-level password security also using user password only. Moreover, the application does not require Adobe Acrobat installation to unlock print option in PDF file. Apart from all this, the software supports PDF file created from any application. A user is allowed to run this application on any version of Microsoft Windows OS.

Steps to Remove PDF Printing Restriction

  • 1. First of all, install and run PDF Unlocker application on the local machine
  • 2. After that, click on the Unlock button to start the process
  • 3. Then, Unlock PDF file window will appear. Click on the Browse button to locate protected PDF file
  • 4. Now, choose the desired PDF file and click on the Open button
  • 5. As the protected PDF file is uploaded, the tool will display the granted permission for the PDF file
  • 6. After that, click on the Browse button to select the desired destination for unlocked PDF file
  • 7. When everything is set to go, click on the Unlock PDF file button and begin the unlocking process

    8. All the permissions are enabled in the PDF document.

9. As the process finished, a successful completion message will be displayed on the screen. Click on the OK button

10. Now, you can easily test the Unlocked PDF by testing the print operation of the unlocked PDF file.

To verify the process, go to the destination location of the unlocked PDF file and run Print command on the same.

Time to Wrap Up

Management of PDF file is not so easy as it seems to be. Like, it becomes complicated when a user needs to deal with either password protected or restricted PDF file. Now, the question is how to overcome all these problems related PDF file. For example, how to print protected PDF documents is one of the common searches over the internet. Therefore, above blog will let you know multiple methods to print secured PDF file in all possible scenario. A user just needs to go through the blog and decide, which solution fits them the best.

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