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Most Effective Post-Launch Techniques for Mobile Apps In 2019


Finally you launched your dream app and released in market! Now expecting the app to shine in market right? Well, you are wrong, because your application is not yet ready to shine in the market.

We are living in smartphone world era, where the greater part of our everyday movement begins from mobile gadgets and end by mobile devices. Whether it’s a caution, prescription reminder, news or social engagement. We have bound with mobile app for every action that we today.

Every business and mobile app development companies are running in the rodent race of launching their mobile app heading towards the goal of solving the everyday issues and give ease to customers.

Just by developing and launching an application isn’t just the answer for make it effective, Post-dispatch strategies after the application release decides its way of success. Here are the most important activities and strategies that each app development companies or application owners having apps for their businesses should follow these strategies to make their application halt in a long run.

1. Fixing bugs and App Maintenance

Yes, every app should be free from bugs and errors and along with maintenance are the most incessant and common. They are utilized to improve the ease of use of your application and make the experience for your end customers all the more engaging and captivating.

So as to keep the Mobile App in a working state, bugs should be checked regularly, redressing flaws is vital task too. This will help you in making your application progressively steady and less inclined to mistakes. Sooner the customer’s complaints tended to more confidence you can make.

2. Updated OS and Handset Support

New features and updating OS should be equipped time to time is a standout amongst the most ordinarily missed aspects to application advancement. So as to keep the clients active and engaged with your application, you can’t leave your application allowed to pursue in the market its dispatch. To keep clients supported with the most recent OS and handset updates, you have to execute with the bug fixing in one update and provide users the new updates with new features. This will drove more user commitment on your applications and client won’t lose interest on your application soon.

3. Competitor Analysis

We find competitors in almost all fields and areas. So all things considered, examining your rivals is as a helpful after your application dispatch as before. So as to make your application hot selling application on the application store like Samsung store, Google app store etc., an eye on the new features and new activities of the opponents resembles hitting the bull’s eye. Subsequent to playing out an effective dispatch, a normal investigation should to be done by the apps development company to include all the more new and energizing features that no application has that in market.

4. Branding and Marketing

Take it as any product in market needs a Strong advertising so just like that mobile apps also needs to be done with marketing and it is as important by the methods for download campaigns, Social Media Campaigns and Viral Content Marketing. Advertising and marketing will help to drive new application installs and re-engage target clients promoting application loyalty and maintenance.

Your promoting procedure should be dynamic as your application seems to be. You should think innovatively to come up with the solid thoughts and plans to develop the accomplishment of your application.

5. Promotions and Campaigns

Regardless of whether it’s estimating the progress in a game, the upsides of a dieting application or some other application, relatively few individuals would just share since you might want them to.

Plan an amazing referral campaign since you would then be able to depend on the trust that your clients have built in their friend network and expanding your user base. Be that as it may, basically structuring a referral campaign isn’t sufficient, boosting it is critical as well! Regardless of whether you need your clients to share an updates from within your application, or like and share your application’s page on the social media’s like Facebook, twitter, Pinterest etc.

6. Encourage Users:

An aspect like number of downloads user ratings and a few other factors are controlled by Top Chart rankings and app ranking. Encouraging users to rate your app is a great way to climb these charts and search results. Remember that the more 5-star rating your app receives, the higher it will climb on the ranking charts and search results.

Many options are there to do; the most common and effective is that asking the customers or users themselves to rate your app after a specified time of usage. Since the customer is engaging with your mobile app, obviously his/her first impression on the app remains as fresh and is therefore he or she is more likely to get converted into a 5-star rating which if your app deserve. Indeed you can choose multiple options since there are unlimited number of ways that you can request customers to rate your application. Just approaching in a plane manner to rate your app is not enough instead find out some good ,creative and fun kind of ways to get users to rate your mobile apps, Hence this will result in the user taking an initiate to rate the app and will also serve the intention of generating a best rating. In fact, you could also make use of social media networks too.

7. Inspecting Customer Behaviour

In the event that users are utilizing your application continuously, then obviously they are enjoying it. Be that as it may, imagine a scenario where your clients are expecting more from your applications. All things considered, this goes under inspecting the behaviour of the client. For filtering out through that what clients are looking forward more, offer them the chance to express their feelings with the popup welcome to leave a survey, yet yes recall one thing the client experience ought not disturbing by this strategy.

8. Features Enhancements

Consistent highlights upgrade plans are an excess of application features, functions, and general changes or thought that you should plan making after the application is launched and live on the store. Features improvements help to keep your clients connected with your application just as achieving the fish’s eye of your projects like creating more deals, download and signups.

Best Mobile App Development Companies constantly offer their customers to have customary updates or release updated versions of their applications, So that their applications would remain refreshed and updated with new world features and influence new technology.


It’s safe to say that app developers and businesses want their apps to shine in market and have a certain amount of longevity. But, this is not going to happen in this competitive world without applying a strategic planning and focus. So it is mandatory to do the task, both before and after the launch of your app to become successful.

Author Bio:

Shivu Nayak is a digital marketer and technical writer for mobile app development company at Fusion Informatics. He has written content on several topics including content marketing and technology. When not writing or on laptop, he loves spending his time reading inspiration books and watching movies.

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