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Most Prominent Ways To Accumulate Reviews For Your eCommerce Website


Are you an eCommerce merchant? Then, you must have got a huge number of product reviews from your customers. Is it a no! You must know that customer feedback is one of the best and the safest tools to earn a great online reputation for the business. If you still don’t rely on it, you should go through the recent stats where it is clearly written that around 90% of online shoppers say that they explore the website and customers reviews before deciding to purchase the products. The other 63% of population analyze whether they are purchasing the quality products with good ratings. According to them, positive website reviews build strong faith and increased sales.

How Customer Reviews Influence Business Sales?

It’s a proven fact that up to the mark website reviews opens up the doors for enhanced sales. People get influenced by the reviews and decide to give a try to the brand. If a single product has more than 50 positive reviews, the sales get automatically increased for that product by 4.6%. Similarly, you can calculate the ratio of the sales for a product as per review counts. It’s necessary to earn customer credibility if you really want to become famous on different marketing channels.

But, how can an eCommerce website earn more reviews for their products and services? You may find a plethora of opinions from different business experts. They will persuade you to execute the tactics to get higher customer reviews. Undoubtedly, the tactics must be outstanding but the question is that are these limited hacks enough to compel customers for writing product reviews?

The blog contains impressive strategies that help an e-commerce owner to collect 5 star reviews from the customers.

Have a glimpse:

Ask genuine questions

If you ask the right questions to your customers, the chances are that you get correct and straight answers for your products. Posting confusing questions may dislocate the customers and also don’t solve your purpose. So, ask customers the straight questions that why they bought the product and what purpose they accomplished with the same. It lets the other people know the usage of the same product.

Target customers via emails

This is the best strategy that an eCommerce store owner adopts to get fast and genuine reviews from the customers. Here, an email is sent to the registered email id just after the purchase which asks them to submit the feedback for the product they have bought. These days, it has become a common practice to ask customers for the reviews just after the sales. If you’re an e-commerce owner, you can use this strategy. You will definitely get optimum reviews from the customers.

Keep review process simple

The review section on the website should be simple and designed by keeping customers precious time in mind. Prepare questions and design in such manner so that anyone can easily write reviews for you. Being a business owner, you must understand that people hardly spare time to write a review for your product and don’t want any hassle during the process. It’s good to provide a simple layout to them.

Choose a reliable ground

Majority of people have different opinions. Where people love to give feedback on the same platform, on the other hand, a few people prefer to post their feedback on the reliable review/rating websites. The reason behind this is the clarity and format they follow for review submission.

Use social media for genuine reviews


Social media channels are the best companion to broadly share your news and message. If you want to promote your products all over the web, you should take the assistance of social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. You can compel customers to share their feedback on social media platform and they will share with their friends and the chain will continue. This often results in excellent user engagement.

Offer, discounts & reward coupons

Disclosing exciting offers and reviews opens the doors for unlimited opportunities. People often wait for the heavy discounts on their favorite products and when they actually get it they never restrict them from buying it. This leads to heavy and quality sales for an eCommerce website. You can say it the best strategy to gain more customers and quality conversions.

Spotlight Clients On Professional Website

Whether it is a business entrepreneur or common man, everyone wants to be in limelight. Their word of mouth are so precious for business and these can make them happy if you post them to your website and list their name underneath. You might get more business and conversions through this activity. It would also be a benefit if you highlight the customers on your website with their pictures. They admire it and decide to make repetitive business deals.

Personalize Review Requests

This strategy never fails if implemented appropriately to attract customers. To achieve this, you have to spare some time to personalize the email messages for your most loyal customers describing your request to review your products. It will help increase review number for your products and the credibility for your eCommerce brand. Personal message attracts people and compels them to take actions regarding the message.

Include Call To Actions In Your Email

CTAs compel buyers with the attractive messages that are engraved on them. The text is compelling and invites people to click the button to explore for more. The messages on the call to actions are imprinted for a purpose which directly links to the page or the product you want to promote or get feedback for. By integrating powerful CTAs, you can receive genuine and a number of reviews for the targeted E-commerce products.

Create About Me Section


Creating about me section and elaborating about the brand is the best technique you can grab customers reviews from. Here, you have to tell about your store and the products and services you’re offering to customers. Majorly, the section describes your journey from startup to a successful brand owner. Therefore, you have to be careful and genuine about what you’re writing in this section. Your story can win customer’s hearts and compel them to leave a review on your e-commerce portal.

Grow Strongly Through Content

Content has always been considered the best medium to impress customers. Strongly written messages over the web and eCommerce websites attract buyers and lead them towards making quick purchases from the associated stores. Content strategy can also be broadened by posting regular blogs and exciting customer relevant write-ups. In short, you can derive genuine customers by publishing quality content on your website and product sections.

Instant Respond On Customers Queries

To whom customers trust more in your context? The one which is 24*7 available and responds within minutes or the one who spends an entire day to answer customers queries? Speed in communication is must when it comes to establishing lasting relationships with existing or new customers. Whether it is email, site contact form or social media profile, it’s an e-commerce store owner’s responsibility to respond to audience queries without wasting their precious time.


Customers only rely on brands that they find the best among all the online options. Here, the major aspect is the trust which they establish only on the deserving ones. If you want the audience to be in your targeted customers’ list, you have to impress them with the best eCommerce practices. This can help you gain customers trust and compel them to leave positive feedback for your store and products.

About The Author:

The author is an online marketing expert & consultant in Sparx IT Solutions. He got specialization in implementing the best eCommerce marketing tactics to popularize brand products. He is also fond of market research and analysis which diverted his interest in writing relevant blogs describing better eCommerce promotion approaches.

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