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Upcoming shows on Netflix that you must watch


The popularity of Netflix has been growing with leaps and bounds.

Geographical boundaries have been broken and the stereotypes of watching shows in regional language has come to an end. Users from all over the world now watch series and movies from various origins with the same enthusiasm.

Nevertheless, latest bollywood news can’t stop cheering about the rising demand and availability of Indian based series and movies on this vast platform.

Netflix loves Indian content

There is no denying the fact that Indian based plots are being loved by Netflix viewers. From Sacred games to Ghoul, Netflix profited a lot by working with Indian actors and directors. Maybe, that’s the reason why several shows are already in the pipeline to be aired in the coming months of 2019.

Bollywood news and gossip are all about spreading the news of Indian actors and directors slowly securing a strong hold on Netflix altogether. And looking at the increasing number of Indian shows, it might not be wrong to say this at all.

The upcoming Indian shows and movies on Netflix

Here are 5 shows and movies which you will soon get to watch on Netflix. Some are based on Indian plots while some have actors working behind the camera for the first time.  

1. Bard of Blood (New series)

This is a brand new Netflix series which is based on an Indian espionage novel by the name Bard of blood. The author of the novel is Bilal Siddiqui who tells the tale of a former agent.

It’s a thriller and action packed series which follows the agent’s life as he revisits a dangerous mission. The release date hasn’t been disclosed yet.

2. 15 August (Film)

For the first time, the legendary bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit is taking a spin behind the camera. Naturally, it has went on to become a latest bollywood news as she had been staying away from limelight for quite some time now.

The movie is about a misfortunate event that takes place in a Mumbai chawl on Independence Day and ends up disrupting a sweet and young love story. The story further goes on to show how the entire neighbourhood unites together to help the little boy. It will be available on Netflix from 29th March.

3. Delhi Crime (New series)

Netflix has purchased the rights of a crime drama which is set in India. It revolves around the investigation of a brutal gang rape of a young girl that shook India in the year 2012. The first season is all set to be launched on March 22nd.

4. Cricket Fever: Mumbai Indians (New docuseries)

This sports docuseries follows the ups and downs that took place in the last season IPL featuring the team Mumbai Indians. The docuseries has got released on 1st March and is currently available on Netflix.

5. Selection day – Season 2

The second season of Selection Day soon to air on Netflix. This latest original series from India is a co-production of the Anil Kapoor Film Company (AKFC). It is based on the lives of two siblings who are constantly pushed by an over obsessive father, who wants them to become the two greatest batsmen. It will be aired on April 22nd.

In Conclusion:

With such strong themed series and movies in the coming months, it doesn’t seem wrong on the part of bollywood news today that they are hyped and can’t stop talking about it.

After all, it is still a sweet shock that Indian content is liked as much as a US or a UK based series. No wonder Indian Netflix users are increasing day by day and maybe Indian content is responsible for that. What do you think?

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