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Why Andaman Island is the Most Desired Destination for Honeymooners:


When it comes to honeymoon, most of the people think of a romantic, natural and less crowded place. As the purpose of a honeymoon is, knowing your better half and developing some understanding with him/her. The Andaman Islands are heaven for honeymooners with secluded beaches, mesmerising sunsets, thrilling water sports and an abundance of romantic places.

The natural charms of Andaman will surely add a spark into your chemistry during your honeymoon. All of the places are couple friendly in Andaman as it is one of the most visited destinations by couples. Thousands of Andaman honeymoon packages are sold every month. So, let’s know the reasons which make Andaman Islands a perfect honeymoon destination.

Isolated Islands:

Every couple wants to go for honeymoon at a place where they can spend some private time without any external disturbance. Especially, the newlyweds love to go away from the entire hustle bustle after the chaotic wedding ceremony. If you are planning your honeymoon in India, then you will find very few isolated destinations.

But at Andaman, you will see plenty of secluded islands with little or no visitors. You can express your love easily without any hesitation or shyness in such a private beach environment. Some of the best islands are Havelock islands, Neil Islands and Jolly Buoy Islands.

Pleasant Weather:

Andaman is a tropical region with a common temperature range of 20-30 degrees. It means that the weather of this region remains pleasant throughout the year.

That’s why one can visit Andaman during any month. You don’t have to worry about too cold or too hot temperature in Andaman. Clear blue sky with fresh sunlight and sometimes drizzle accompanied with cool breeze makes the surrounding more beautiful and romantic.

The best part is that you can flaunt your swim wares and shorts without the tension of sunburn, tanning as the sunlight is very gentle here.

Breath-taking Biodiversity:

Andaman is blessed with a huge number of flora and fauna species which adds a distinct appeal to this destination. Your romance will fuel up in the bosom of nature at the Andaman Islands.

Imagine walking barefoot on the sparkling white sand with your partner surrounded by big palm or oak trees. The reality will be more enchanting than this imagination at the Andaman Islands.

The greenery doesn’t only refresh love bird’s mood but also make them forget about entire world except for their holiday partner.

Water sports:

You must have said the three magical words many times to your spouse but saying them under the water will be a memorable experience. (By the way, the entire fish kingdom will be your audience!) Being a water sports hub, Andaman is the best place for this.

So, you can express your feelings in a unique manner by indulging in popular water sports such as scuba diving, snorkelling and sea walking in the Andaman Islands. People usually opt for these fun activities with their better half to break the ice and open up with them.

Because nothing is better than making your life partner your best buddy through fun.

Beach Resorts:

There are many stylish beach resorts in Andaman which will make your leisure moments more soothing. The setting of these resorts is very peculiar from all the normal hotels where people stay during honeymoon.

You can adore the stunning views of seaside even from your room or balcony in these resorts. The private candlelight dinner will become more special from the sea facing dining area of the resort.

You can stay at such resorts in affordable charges by booking the correct Andaman honeymoon package. All of these elements matter a lot for newlyweds and make Andaman the most desirable place for their honeymoon.

Easy to Reach Destination:

Nobody likes to spend long hours travelling as it wastes lots of energy and time. The honeymoon is a period of relaxation so, every newlywed wants to avoid complex routes, changing flights and extra stress before reaching their honeymoon destination.

The Andaman Islands are well connected to most of the metro cities via flight, and you can book a direct flight to Port Blair from any city. Apart from it, International tourists can also reach easily to Andaman which makes this place a dream destination for everyone.

Pocket Friendly:

It’s obvious that couples usually go to their honeymoon just after their wedding due to which not all can afford the expensive destinations and stays. But this should not stop you from having fun on honeymoon, right! Andaman is a pocket-friendly destination where you can have maximum fun at reasonable prices.

As it’s a tourist hub, one can find plenty of packages, discount offers, stay options and activities from which they can choose according to their budget. The views of Andaman are just like an international location which you can avail at Indian prices. Thus, it’s a bonus!

Super Cool Ambience:

As a couple, you would like to be surrounded by open-minded people on your vacation that won’t make you feel uncomfortable. The Andaman Islands fit in this requirement of honeymooners as well.

The crowd of Andaman is super cool as you fill find mostly international tourists or couples like you here. So just chill, nobody will bother if you will show little bit affection to your loved one in public.

No one has time to judge you on the basis of your clothes, closeness or on any other parameter at such locations. This open-mindedness, modern atmosphere and less crowded places make Andaman super cool destination for couples.

Are you glad that you finally found your dream honeymoon destination? This happiness will go to the next level after reaching the heavenly destination – Andaman. So, get ready to surprise your partner with this awesome news and plan your trip together!

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